Finnish genomics resources

FinnGen Study

FinnGen study, launched in 2017, is based on a public-private partnership between Finnish universities, biobanks, hospital districts, and several international pharmaceutical companies, to drive research, implementation, and economic development in the field of personalized medicine. The research project is based on combining genome information with digital health care data from national registries. FinnGen will boost the activities of Finnish biobanks by speeding up sample collection and enabling enrichment of samples with genomic data. The aim is to get up to 500 000 Finnish individuals to participate in the study.
FinnGen study_

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Finnish Disease Database

FinDis is a centralized resource for cross-referenced information on disease mutations enriched in the Finnish population. FinDis provides up-to-date information on the 36 monogenic diseases belonging to the Finnish disease heritage, browsable by Diseases or Genes.

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Sequencing Initiative Suomi

The Sequencing Initiative Suomi (The SISu project) is an international collaboration between research groups aiming to build tools for genomic medicine. These groups are generating whole genome and whole exome sequence data from Finnish samples and provide data resources for the research community.

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