BBMRI-ERIC Directory – Search tool

Explore the European biobanks: BBMRI-ERIC Directory is a tool to share aggregate information about the biobanks that are willing external collaboration. For biobankers, BBMRI-ERIC Directory is where to publish information about yourself and your biobank and where you find contact information. For researchers, BBMRI-ERIC Directory will help to you to spot relevant biobanks and get their contact information, and will help you to identify such facilities and get their contact information. For patients, donors and their organizations it is possible to find information about samples stored in biobanks.

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BBMRI-ERIC Negotiator

Negotiator is a web-based solution to help researchers find detailed information on the availability of samples and associated data. The tool is a great step forward in facilitating access to high-quality samples that are currently stored in biobanks all over Europe. Connected to the BBMRI-ERIC Directory, the world’s largest biobanking catalogue including more than 100 million samples, the Negotiator allows users to contact biobanks directly with a specific request.

See the blog post of Erik Steinfelder about Negotiator

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THL Biobank’s KITE – Availability service

KITE is a catalog of Finnish sample collections and contains tools to browse and search for variables available in each sample collection. KITE is currently piloted by THL Biobank and by FIMM.

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Read: User guide for KITE

For more information: Timo Miettinen, timo.a.miettinen (at)