Working groups working groups aims to support setting up clinical and population cohort biobanks and provide local and national access to the collections of Finnish clinical and population biobank samples and associated data. The access will be directed to the academic community, health care system and private sector.  Open access to availability and metadata is provided to researchers in both public and private sectors. The access to sensitive data will be regulated by ethical and scientific evaluation of research projects by biobanks and national ethics committees. is steered by a Governance Board with members from the Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as well as members representing the biobank background organizations.

Management Group (MG) is the operative body of, being responsible for proper administration of national and international activities. Members of the MG include Directors of registered biobanks.

THL is the host of the National Node for 2014-2018. is operated by five working groups:

WG1: network coordination
WG2: Harmonization of activities within
WG3: Coordination of biobank IT infrastructure development
WG4: Biobank quality issues
WG5: Ethical and legal issues


Internal pages (access only for members): Confluence working space