Key personnel

Anu Jalanko, PhD, Adjunct Professor, National Coordinator, Research Manager, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Sirpa Soini, LLM, Head  of THL Biobank, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Lila Kallio, PhD, Head of Auria Biobank

Kimmo Pitkänen, PhD, Head of Helsinki Biobank

Tiina Wahlfors, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Development manager at Finnish Red Cross Blood Services (FRCBS)

Veli-Matti Kosma, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology at UEF, director of Biobank of Eastern Finland

Saila Kauppila, MD, PhD, Docent, Director of Northern Finland Biobank Borealis

Kimmo Savinainen, PhD, Head of Tampere Biobank

Teijo Kuopio, MD, PhD, Professor of Cell and Molecular Pathology in the University of Jyväskylä and Chief Physician in the Department of Pathology in Jyväskylä Central Hospital

Jukka Partanen, PhD, Prof., Research Director of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS), Head of Blood Service Biobank

Olli Carpén, Prof., University of Helsinki and University of Turku

Eero Vuorio, Prof. emer., University of Helsinki


Minna Brunfeldt,