Key personnel

Anu Jalanko, PhD, Adjunct Professor, National Coordinator, Head of THL Biobank, Head of Genomics and Biomarker Unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Heli Salminen-Mankonen, PhD, Docent, Head of Auria Biobank

Kimmo Pitkänen, PhD, Head of Helsinki Biobank

Tiina Wahlfors, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Development manager at Finnish Red Cross Blood Services, FRCBS

Veli-Matti Kosma, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology at UEF, director of Biobank of Eastern Finland

Saila Kauppila, MD, PhD, Docent, Director of Northern Finland Biobank Borealis

Kimmo Savinainen, PhD, Head of Tampere Biobank

Marjukka Friman, PhL, Production Manager, Central Finland Biobank

Olli Carpén, Prof., University of Helsinki and University of Turku

Eero Vuorio, Prof. emer., University of Helsinki

Other key personnel

Juha Knuuttila, MSc (Tech), IT-Architect, THL Biobank

Paula Kujala, MD, PhD, Chief Physician and Head of the Department of Pathology, Fimlab Laboratories, Pirkanmaa Hospital District

Teijo Kuopio, MD, PhD, Professor of Cell and Molecular Pathology in the University of Jyväskylä and Chief Physician in the Department of Pathology in Jyväskylä Central Hospital

Helena Kääriäinen, MD, PhD, Research Prof. (THL). Member of IFHGS and ESHG executive board, Finnish representative in Commission Expert Group on Rare Diseases (CEGRD)

Reijo Laaksonen, MD, PhD, professor of Health Sciences, University of Tampere, School of Medicine and Science Center, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Finland

Päivi Laiho, PhD, Senior Researcher, THL Biobank, Head of joint biobank service laboratory of THL and UH/FIMM

Arto Mannermaa, Associate Professor, Individualised Medicine and Biobanking, Research Manager, Biobank of Eastern Finland, UEF and KUH

Tuomas Mirtti MD, PhD, Docent, Board certified pathologist at HUSLAB and senior research scientist at FIMM

Pia Nyberg, PhD, Oulu University Hospital, Project manager of the Northern Finland Biobank Borealis

Tommi Nyrönen, PhD, CSC, Coordinator of ELIXIR Finland

Aino-Liisa Oukka, MD, PhD, Adjunct professor, is the Medical director of Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and Oulu University Hospital

Jarkko Penttinen, MSc, Biostatistician, Research Information System Manager in Pirkanmaa Hospital District and IT-manager role Tampere Biobank

Kimmo Porkka, MD, PhD, Prof. of clinical hematology, Hematology Clinic of HUS and Hematology Research Unit Helsinki, University of Helsinki. Reponsible person of FHRB Biobank

Markus Perola, MD, PhD, Research Professor (THL), Coordinator of the FP7 I3 project BBMRI-LPC

Janna Saarela, MD, PhD, Research Director, Head of the FIMM Technology Center

Matti Salo, MD, PhD, Director of the Research Administration Unit Science Center at Tampere University Hospital, Pirkanmaa Hospital District

Aulikki Santavuori, Quality Manager, Auria Biobank

Sirpa Soini, Lawyer, Helsinki Biobank

Tom Southerington, Lawyer, Auria Biobank

Hanna Tuhkanen, PhD, Research Coordinator, Biobank of Eastern Finland

Esko Vanninen, MD, PhD, Research Director, Medical Director, Chief of Clinical Support Services at Kuopio University Hospital, Northern Savo Hospital District