BBMRI Network is a National Node of BBMRI-ERIC operating with collaboration between the national biobanks, and was nominated to the Academy of Finland 2014 infrastructure roadmap. organizes an interface with national Network of Biobanks and Biological resources and coordinates their activities with those of BBMRI-ERIC. Overall, aims to create an internationally leading biobank infrastructure providing strategic support to biomedical research, healthcare and biomedical industry.

Strategic goals of infrastructure:

    • Promote collaboration of Finnish biobanks and link them with BBMRI-ERIC
    • Provide access to clinical and population biobanks and coordinate harmonization of samples and data
    • Participate in building a national IT infrastructure for biobanks and offer access and availability services and integrate these with BBMRI-ERIC
    • Continue to provide together with Biocenter Finland national technology platforms and infrastructure services regarding biobank samples and data
    • Provide ethical and legal services to the biobank community
    • Promote public awareness of the potential of biobanking in biomedical research, advancement of population health and personalized medicine
    • Overseeing internal and external training activities for biobanking


Internal pages (access only for members): Confluence working space